I make pussy art. I honor the divine feminine in all of us. Bold and beautiful. Dynamic and juicy. I hope to inspire women to love themselves more completely, whole body, everything, even “down there.”

It’s time to let our goddess goodness SHINE.

A LOVING relationship between ourselves and our bodies is vital. 

My pussy jewelry is made with Precious Metal Clay, a clay medium when fired turns to pure fine silver. This process of alchemy feels like magic to me. Each piece is a hand crafted, one of a kind, sculpture, just like all of us.

I personally am working with alchemy, reclaiming that which has been made profane and making it sacred once again. I invite you to join me.

This is my offering, my gift to the world…Sacred Profanities. 

As a tribute to the anatomical jewel, the clitoris.

With Pleasure,

Ruby Pearl

p.s. “vagina’s” are on the inside, silly.
Don’t call it that.